La Femme d’Argile Sans Tête

– Felino, svegliati ! decided to record an interpretation of the incredibly beautiful song “The Headless Clay Woman” by the no less beautiful band AND ALSO THE TREES.

We wanted to pay homage to the lyrics of Simon Huw Jones ; and to the silence we feel is so present in the incredible tension they always create and play with ; silence, tension and waves of timelessness.

And Also The Trees are haunting our lives since our adolescence. From the shock of the evening in the Bataclan in 89 to the free concert in Berlin’s very warm Temporäre Kunsthalle, etc., we are afraid they are obsessively present in our world.

Breaking with our usual way of creating by improvising (though we recorded in my wardrobe and in some hollow parts of my old Berliner coal stove), we enjoyed ourselves very much and learned a lot in giving our interpretation, a possible translation of this precious piece.

It can be heard on our bandcamp site here, as well as an echo version of the same :


L’île à bâbord !